1. Alinco DJ-X11T Wideband Receiver

    Alinco DJ-X11T Wideband Receiver

    Selling my DJ-X11 wide band receiver. Excellent condition, Excellent battery life. Comes with all original boxes, parts (drop in charger, wrist strap, back hand strap, antenna), accessories, and manuals. 1 owner. Paypal only. Free shipping
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    Alinco DJ-X11 vs. Degen 1103 at HF

    Hi all After receiving my Degen 1103 I did compare it with my Alinco DJ-X11 to see how the DJ-X11 performed at HF just off the whip. This because the very low audio level of my DJ-X11 never convinced me at all, especially after watching many videos of the IC-R20 or the AOR8200 receiving HF...