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    DMR decryption

    Good day, I've worked with decoding DMR using DSDPlus 1.074 , I have got encrypted output (Enc Group call) and information about it such as (Source, ID, Key and algorithm) . I need software that could decrypt the decoded DMR voice. Thank you
  2. K

    DMRDecode Build 74

    Looking for another place to download the latest DMRDecode build. Ian Wraith said the current server is down and he doesn't have time to fix it. Thank you!
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    DSD / DMR Decode Assistance Request

    I'm working with DSD and DMR Decoder and seem to be having an issue determining if the MotoTRBO frequency I'm monitoring is using encryption or not. Based on the information I've read here I seem to be missing a vital bit of information from DMR Decoder regarding the Service Type and I have...