1. K

    NYC DOITT 800 been quiet during pandemic

    I was expecting a lot more activity on the NYC DOITT 800 system given all the medical/hospital talk groups. On the 400 system, I'm only hearing traffic on the EMS Hospital Notification talkgroup. Does anyone know where a majority of operations are dealing with the pandemic?
  2. C

    FDNY DoITT Monitoring

    Hello all I have a issue, I have been trying to monitor the fdny doitt trunked frequency but it's not working, I have used radio reference with my arc15 to program my Bearcat bct15 using the 400mhz layout. All the frequencie seems correct and the IDs as well. I'm not picking up anything, any ideas?
  3. N2SCV

    NYC DoITT Uhf: DoITT Ch-5

    Was being used last night by people at The Westin at Times Square and The Sheridan sending buses to Barclays and The Hammerstein. No ID what agency.
  4. Robbyboy

    Activity on DOITT 800 TRS

    I was monitoring the 800 system and noticed a bit of chatter on Temporary 1. They were calling out addresses and getting radio checks from those addresses. The addresses were (not all inclusive): 2554 Linden (Blvd) 350 St Marks (Pl) 150 William St 220 Beach (or east) 87 St 19 Grant Square...