douglas county

  1. D

    Douglas county GA - new radio tower

    Does anyone anything about the new tower that was put up in Douglas County off of Fairburn rd and factory shoals rd
  2. Spitfire8520

    Douglas & Elbert County Law Enforcement to Encrypt,284836 Douglas County will be flipping the switch this December and there is a rumor that Castle Rock will be flipping the switch alongside them. Parker has plans for early 2020 and...
  3. M

    Lawrence KS - Complete Frequency List PD

    Hey anyone out there know the complete list and names of what they show up on the radios for Lawrence Douglas County KS Police frequencies, both the transmission and receive frequencies for the repeaters as well and any other info about the trunking system available. or can anyone point me to a...
  4. SkiBob

    Douglas County School Bus

    I heard the transportation administrators this morning tell the schools that they need to turn in their handheld radios so they can program them over the summer. They said the ones they have will no longer work in the future. Does anybody have any information on this, or know where I can find...