1. A

    Rights to distribute archives

    What are the legal rights feed providers have to distribute audio taken from the archives of their own feeds to other people? (I assume it's not allowed to distribute an arbitrary archived recording to people as they're supposed to have a premium account, though correct me if I'm wrong, but I...
  2. B

    anyone in central maryland pro651 setup help needed

    could use a little help , using the scanner as therapy, long story , I got the pro 651 , still a shock , when we were kids everyone had a cb or a scanner and the whole block would come outside to help when a fire truck pulled up not stand around just to look or make a utube clip and now a...
  3. L

    Free downloads for the forum I love

    Hi Guys, Love the forum... I thought as I'm new I'd give you all a present (..Well a useful link) GET OVER 2500 SOUND EFFECTS FOR FREE (LIMITED TIME OFFER ) Download 2500+ Royalty Free Sounds For Free... Think this is limited time offer not sure when it ends.. Worth a blast ? Enjoy
  4. MasterScan40

    Reprograming 197 Question RE: Download CSV frequencies

    Needing to know if it is possible to access the CSV frequencies that are attached to the frequency database info for AR. Win500 only allows a certain pathway to download info from RadioReferene - seeking anyone's helpful knowledge as to how I can download the CSV frequency info too. Please...