1. R


    I'm hearing DPS Tollway Units (NTTA) on the NCTCOG system. TG 60035. Regular patrol, accidents, traffic stops, etc. Don't know if it's temporary or not. Russell
  2. radioboy75

    Telemetry data on LEA (Area 1D)

    Somewhat frequently, for like an hour or so at a time, I am getting some data noise on the LEA channel in my area, 155.790. The data sounds very similar to SCADA telemetry -- you know, like the data that is sent by water well monitors, gas monitoring stations, and the like. Normally, assuming...
  3. S

    DPS unit numbers broken down?

    HI all: there used to be an item on the DPS database entry describing each of the 4 digits in a unit number. I know the first digit is the region [I.e 5 for the Lubbock region]. I know the second digit is the sub-region [i.e. 6 for Abilene] but the last two digits? Also, I've heard reference...