drake r8

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    My new old Drake R8 Receiver

    I have been reading a lot of reviews on the original Drake R8, and I thought I would post my review since I just got one about 4 months ago. First off, let me say I really like the R8 radio. The ergonomics does not bother me at all since I have a few stations I like to listen to and I don't...
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    Please help me choose a Receiver

    I want to do some AM dxing and SW listening. I own a Sat 750 but I think I am ready for a $500+ Radio. I am looking at the following models. Drake R8 or R8a or b Drake SW8 Satellit 800 JRC NRD 525 or 515 if I can find one cheap enough I was told the Sat 800 is a Drake r8 reboxed but when I...