drive thru

  1. Salvatorejrc

    Drive Through Frequencies in Northern NJ

    I am trying to get hits on fast food joints, Starbucks, establishments of that nature but CC seems to be failing me. Are there currently any updated lists that have fast food frequencies? I saw on a couple of other threads that most seem to be silent now... Update: I got a hit on 464.0125, and...
  2. MTouesnard

    Drive Thru Scanning

    Was having a conversation with another radio enthusiast the other day and he mentioned a fellow he knew used to be able to listen to the local Tim Hortons drive thru here in Cape Breton but he never did get the frequency....has anyone around the province try scanning the local fast food places...
  3. V

    Signal Stalker II vs. Drive Thru headsets

    Today and yesterday, while making my usual visits to the drive thru at breakfast, I've fired up the Signal Stalker feature of my new Pro-106. I searched the entire spectrum and watched as an attendant talked on hers not 5 feet from me, yet nothing was detected. (This was at a Chick-fil-A)...