1. N

    Communication Protocol between a Drone and USRP

    I am working on a project wherein a signal (preferably ISM) will be sent by a Hackrf one module mounted on a drone. The SNR of the transmitted signal will be calculated by a USRP 2900 placed on the ground. If the calculated SNR is below a certain percentage or a value, then the drone should...
  2. hkrharry

    A lot of ReconRobotics licenses Issued for the metro and surrounding areas.

    PW WQQE489 Leavenworth, City of , Police Dept. [Governmental entity providing communications for public safety.] Control Point 1 - 601 South Third StreetSuite 2055, Leavenworth KS 913-651-2260 (link) 11/16/2012 License Issued 1 - Leavenworth (LEAVENWORTH) KS 65.0 km radius around center point...