1. K

    BC95XLT: Uniden BC95XLT Lost Sensitivity (Reception)

    Hi All. Long time ago I purchased a 2nd Hand Nascar Branded Uniden BC95XLT. It worked well, and the Close Call feature came in really handy. But some time ago (i believe it may have been after a drop), it became a lot less sensitive. Close Call only detects a transmitter right next to it...
  2. BonziBuddy

    FT-60 kissed a tile floor.

    Thanks to my dog, my FT-60 met the floor personally. The sound isn't coming in clear and the squelch seems always open. It's really disappointing because I always have been very careful not to drop it or even handle it recklessly. I'm thinking of selling it on eBay or directly as damaged for...