1. Commradio CR1 Receiver

    Commradio CR1 Receiver

    I'm selling my great condition CommRadio CR1 receiver. It comes with power supply, mobile power supply, two antennas, manuals and box. Batteries hold a charge for a long time. The audio is amazing. Will ship to the lower 48 only. I do accept PayPal. Also I'm open to trades of digital scanners...
  2. B

    WS1040: Scanner Locked Up

    I’ve had my WS1040 scanner since December and it operated flawlessly until yesterday evening when I noticed the scanner had been quiet for a while. After taking a closer look, it appeared that the scanner was scanning through the programmed frequencies very slowly, almost like it was...
  3. E

    NX300 audio tool and NXDN setup

    Hi, everyone! I´m trying to perform a radiocommunications link between a racing car and the crew member in boxes. Since we have successfully performed communications in analog mode, it´s my intention to try the NX300 in digital mode, and improve the audio quality with the Motorsportaudio v1.2...
  4. J

    WS1095: DSP Firmware Update Issue

    I am unable to update the DSP firmware in my WS1095. The EZ-Scan software tells me "your scanner could not be updated at this time...". I have successfully flashed the latest CPU firmware, and I have the latest version of EZ-Scan. Here's my setup: Windows 7 EZ-Scan version 2.10, build 436...
  5. C

    Pro-18: No P25 Reception on Pro-18 DSP V1.3

    I have had a Pro-18 for about two years and it had been working fine, or so I thought, anyway. Recently my local law enforcement agency switched from EDACS to P25 and disappeared from the air. I checked the pages here and found out about the conversion, downloaded the latest database, and made...
  6. K0MSM

    Sussex County - Local PD Designations

    Hi all - I moved to Sussex County last year, and picked up a Pro-197 over the summer. Got it all programmed up, and listening to anything that's not "secure." I'm having a hard time getting all of the local PDs units in Sussex County figured out on the DSP dispatch channel. For example, I...
  7. W

    External DSP filtering for Mobile HF

    I'm running a FT-857D/ATAS-120 mobile setup, External ICOM speaker. I've also RF grounded & reduced vehicle-produced QRN per K0BG's page. The setup has been great for working DX, in it's stock arrangement, but I'd like to know if anyone else out there has deployed any external DSP filtering on...
  8. wireless_friendly

    Looking for DSP Code file F5R06H01

    Hi all! I am looking for DSP code file F5R06H01 from M7100/P5100/P7100 (it's the same for all radios specified). It can be read from radio just by using ProGrammer. It should have F5R06H01.DSP file name. If somebody have this file, please contact with me wireless.friendly@gmail.com To Admins...
  9. C

    DSP FIRMWARE 1.4 Upgrade after updating tables for rebanding

    Does anyone know if the rebanding tables have to be updated again if the DSP FIRMWARE 1.4 upgrade is performed after the tables were already updated with Win96.
  10. D

    Using DSP Filtering on VHF/UHF

    Greetings All, Would use of a DSP filtering unit (such as a Timewave DSP-599zx or similar) greatly improve the attributes of a wideband receiver/scanner? (in my case an IC-R7100). Is there an added benefit of dsp when tuning into digital modes when using codes such as UniTrunker? Thanking all...