1. D

    My new toy an IC-91AD and DStar setup ......

    Hi Gang, So got a sweet deal on a ICOM IC-91AD and went out and bought the RT Sys software and cable for it so that's all working great. Tossed in my 500 channels of VHF/UHF stuff on the A band and it's all good too ....... Now tonight I've looked on line at DStar for newbies help. (grin)...
  2. stantorres

    Why is ham radio not P-25?

    With public safety mostly adopting P-25 and the US military moving toward having P-25 capable equipment, why has ham radio not done the same? DMR seems to be the most popular, with D-star, fusion and some other scattered technologies here and there. One of our missions in ham radio is to be the...
  3. B

    Icom: ICOM with FM & D-Star

    Does ICOM have any mobile radio which can transmit over FM and D-Star both?
  4. D

    DSTAR and APRS - which way?

    Hi Guys, So here’s a question you’ve never heard before, I’ve been doing lots of reading for my next mobile rig and it’s going to be either a Icom ID- 5100A or a Kenwood TM- D710G so which one? … all over again. It seems to be a pretty popular thread and topic. (grin) What's the easier why...
  5. beischel

    DStar at the Dayton Hamvention

    Dayton will have another huge DStar presence this weekend. Please join the hundreds of DStar users visiting the Dayton Hamvention at the DStar activities, meet-and-greets, forums, and vendors. Here’s the updated list of activities at the Dayton Hamvention® All items are subject to change...
  6. beischel

    If you are looking for a non-Icom DStar Radio

    Then take a look at what these folks have created. Taking orders now for a Q3 ship. Not just DStar. Shows that DStar is not proprietary and not restricted to Icom. Anyone can create and sell DStar equipment. NW Digital Radio
  7. N

    Icom ID-51 ID-31 and 92ad side by side

    Photo's of the Icom ID-51 ID-31 IC-92ad together | NickToday Blog I'll going to do a full review of the three side by side comparison as soon as I have a chance to sit down and play with them all. For now here is a picture of them together: Photo's of the Icom ID-51 ID-31 IC-92ad together |...
  8. N

    Icom ID-51 Unboxing

    I just picked one up last weekend at the Orlando Hamfest to see an unboxing and more about the rig: Icom ID-51 Unboxing - Dstar N1IC - YouTube - NickToday Blog | NickToday Blog
  9. microwave

    Audio Quality: Dstar vs. P25 vs. DMR

    Has anyone compared all three digital voice modes? I'm unhappy with the Dstar quality. P25 sounds good with a new DSP and I haven't tried DMR. What are your experiences with voice quality?
  10. K

    D-star regional ga/sc healthcare net

    D-STAR REGIONAL HEALTHCARE NET Every Thursday at 8:30 AM Check in to the D-STAR Regional Health Care Net at 8:30 AM on Thursdays. This net meets on Reflector 030B and is sponsored by the Coastal Georgia Health District. The net currently has at least 15 check-ins to the net. AIKEN KR4AIK C is...