dual band



    I bought this primarily for scanning. The firmware is the older version that works well with scanning. The mic and mounting bracket are still in their packaging. Screen has a few minor scratches as seen in the pics, but aren't really noticeable when the radio is one. Also included is the...
  2. Sheepdog777


    Hello Fellow Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the approaching Spring. Hopefully, this will be one of the last cold days for Missouri this year… Let’s See What Happens. I know there is eleventy thousand Prefabricated Dual Band VHF/UHF Antennas out there, but...
  3. J

    Will Hytera Ever Make A Dual Band Radio?

    I know I can't be alone in wondering if Hytera will ever produce a dual band radio. I would especially love to see a version of the PD782 or PD982 that has both UHF and VHF capability. And certainly I'd like to see a mobile rig from them that does the same. I understand why they haven't gotten...
  4. W

    2m 70cm 5/8 and 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna Questions

    Looking at installing a ground plane antenna on a mast for VHF UHF and have a couple questions. I see the 5/8 wave antennas have a tapped coil for matching (to 50 ohm?), are clamped to the mast, and have horizontal radials on the coax shield side. Are the radials supposed to supply the entire...
  5. N

    RFinder B1 - Like new

    RFinder B1 for sale. Dual-band VHF/UHF Analog/DMR. Includes original packaging, drop-in charger, screen protector, belt clip and swivel belt mount. Barely used - like-new condition.
  6. P

    Looking for radios for my department, help?

    good day, I am currently working as a CPO in Alberta, the department im working with is brand new and we are essentially replacing a security company that operates on UHF to talk to their officers and other staff within the organization. This is the challenge I am facing, some staff cannot...
  7. S

    Vehicle Setup - ID5100a with two antennas

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a ID5100a. I have an 880h now and looking for some more options when scanning/transmitting. I have a 3/4 ton truck with about 9" of clearance to the top of the header board going into the garage. A friend of mine recommended some Stico antennas citing they were...
  8. Yaesu VX-7R and Accessories

    Yaesu VX-7R and Accessories

    I have a Yaesu VX-7R fresh back from Yaesu in Like New Condition. I had the filters replaced for RX, new Front & Rear Case, and New OEM Antenna. This radio is working 100% and looks brand new after case replacement You will receive VX-7R 2 batteries (After Market) Desk Charger w/ Wall Wart...
  9. Danny37

    Vertex vx-920/820 series dual band recieve chip

    I have a vertex vx-929 radio with a dual band chip installed, what part of the board might I find the chip installed if I take the radio apart? Is the chip easy to remove and swappable with another vertex radio such as the vertex vx-824 P25 radio?
  10. T

    Dual band vs multiband antenna

    I bought a Diamond RHC77CA antenna listed as 120-900mhz for my Whistler WS1080. I bought a cheap import on eBay that was shown to be the same size and multiband range. What was sent from eBay was a Similar looking 16" whip, Nagoya NA-771 dual band 144/430mhz antenna. As a newb, will this...
  11. E

    TK-890/TK-790 PL Issue

    Hey all- I'm currently running a dual-band TK-790/890 radio in my vehicle. I upgraded to this after using a single-band, remote-head 790 for over a year. To upgrade to both bands, I got the entire (dual-band, single head) setup used, and had my local Kenwood shop upgrade the firmware in both...
  12. C

    Dual band antenna for scanning?

    After quite a bit of searching online I'm stumped and request some assistance from the forum. I'd like to set up a base station for lack of a better term at my home and listen to as many frequencies as possible with the most interesting ones for me being at approximately 155mhz, 455mhz and...
  13. laythrom

    Noob Dual Band Antenna question

    Okay, so I am new at this to a degree and I have a question that I think I might know the answer to, but wasn't sure. Basically, my company uses both VHF and UHF commercial for on location communications. One group uses the VHF band while the other uses UHF band. I, however, now have a dual...
  14. J

    Mobile Antenna for HP-2

    Have been doing a lot of reading on the Antenna Forum and have concluded that getting a Larsen NMO150/450/800 fixed mount antenna makes sense for the type of monitoring I am doing. My only concern is VHF-Lo band for Maryland State Police. Any suggestions on a low band mobile antenna to mount...
  15. P

    Wide-band VHF-H/UHF Mobile antenna

    I'm looking for some suggestions for a new dual band antenna. What I was using was a Comet CA2X4SR that recently began performing very poorly after a tree branch strike. Well, I pulled the antenna and tested it and it has an internal short somewhere. Lo and behold, also damn near pulled the...
  16. S

    Dual RF Deck VX-5500 Programming Issues/Questions

    I have two working Vertex VX-5500 units (one a VHF C deck, the other a UHF D deck) that I am trying to reconfigure into a single control head, dual band set-up. I can not seem to get the programing software to recognize them in order to program them as a dual RF deck configuration. I have...
  17. S

    TK-5710 / TK -5810 Dual Band Setup

    I have a TK-5710H VHF radio with a KRK-14 basic control head. I just recently purchased a KRK-7DB dual band connection setup and a TK-5810H deck to make my system a dual band system. I have installed the KRK-7DB, the TK-5810 deck and connected all to the currently installed TK-5710 and KRK-14...
  18. Danny37

    Best dualband rubber duck 144/440 antenna for yaesu, kenwood and icom HT

    Give me your brands and model numbers. Links are preferred.
  19. S

    Need help with antenna choice VHF/UHF

    I am new to building a radio system. I am familiar with the theory and use but I'm not with accepted practices. My goal: Setup my truck with a VHF/UHF radio to operated on all/most of the frequencies available on my radio My radio: Motorola CM300 My reason: I am an emergency management nut. I...
  20. L

    Holzberg Dual Band Radio DB-ANDY

    First off, Id like to say hello This is my first post to your forums and I hope that you can help me. Background. I work for a large player in the Oil and Gas industry and our House radio is a Motorola RDV2020 Typically each location we operate on has several different contractor customers...