1. B

    Case for SDS100

    Is anyone selling a case yet for the SDS100?
  2. wa8pyr

    American Electric Power (AEP) P25 WACN 92715

    All, I've seen recent news reports that AEP may be migrating to a P25 system. And today, I’m picking up a P25 control channel on 857.8125 which is licensed to AEP at a variety of sites. WACN 92715, Sys ID 1FA. The oddball WACN definitely points at Harris, and I know AEP has had a long-term...
  3. zzdiesel

    UPMan, When is next desktop scanner coming out?

    I mean the one that will likely replace the BCD996T
  4. Chronic

    Elyria Police

    Does anyone have all the channel designations for elyria police , like for example when dispatch says to hold traffic on ch1 and monitor on ch6 what are all the freqs and there channel designations ?
  5. S

    Monroe County Trunk

    Are Monroe County and Key West public safety operational on the trunked system? If so, is the RR page up to date w/ frequencies and talkgroups? Thanks. Scannergeek