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    RFS 5085-3 Duplexer??

    Hello all. New guy here. Just registered to see if I can get some help? I am living in Germany. There was a military base closing that I was helping with. Unbelievable on what things they were throwing away! Before they met the trash dumpsters, I got a hold of about 6 brand new (still in...
  2. K

    Duplexers, 220 Mhz, and me.

    I was trying to think of a catchy title. That should work. I finally got my CX-333 Comet tribander up! I've been eyeballing that Kenwood D710A. I want to get it for APRS. (Long story as to why...) BUT! I have a problem. The Kenwood only has ONE antenna port, which is absolutely wonderful...