1. BCasto

    Durham Viper reception problem

    Durham City reception problem Using a BCD996XT receiving Durham City. I live on the Cary Morrisville boarder near Chapel Hill Road and Weston Parkway. Even when I have 4 to 5 bars of signal strength, voice traffic comes and goes and the scanner doesn't stay fixed on the control channel...
  2. S

    Problems receiving Durham Police B

    I have been away from the scanners for several months. I have two older 996T Uniden scanners and both are not able to receive Durham's Police B ID. I am able to see a wide variety of traffic. I tried to reload the scanners but that did not help. Any idea what to check?
  3. w2lie

    Durham TRS CC Question

    Sorry for a simple question, but a buddy of mine has been living in NC for a while now and has been listening to the Durham Trunk System on his 996T and 796D that I programmed for him while he was in NY. As of the past week, he is no longer able to receive the Durham system on his 996T which I...