1. Dispatrick

    2019 VHF Low Band Logs

    Starting the list early this year! Bergen County NJ opening between approx 10:20 and 11:30 37.040 127.3 Smyth County VA Sheriff 42.940 173.8 Either NC or MO, open mic received for about 2:30 seconds 46.080 151.4 Bartow County GA Fire Disp (The EARLIEST I've ever heard this station. usually...
  2. 5

    CB in Europe vs N. America

    This is a question for the DX'ers or more seasoned operators out there: I've been checking out different cb forums for quite a while and also listening on the band and i find that cb ( including un-authorized out of band usage above ch. 40 ) is much more evolved in Europe compared to N...