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    Unitrunker and E4000 Dongle

    I just got a Realtek RTL dongle with the E4000 tuner instead of the RTL820T tuner. It's now called RTL2838. My Unitrunker only recognizes the RTL2832 with the R820T tuner. Anyone know of an update to Unitrunker for this device? I went to the Unitrunker site and it appears to have been inactive...
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    Tuners other than 820T/E4000

    Just happened across a FC0013-equipped EZCAP stick that someone gave me because "it wasn't as good as their new E4000-based one". I fired it up and compared it against another E4000-based RTL stick head-to-head in dual SDR# windows with identical whip antennas. My particular FC0013 sample...