1. Sheepdog777

    IF: Low Frequency (LF) RF Travels Through the Earth/Water AND: Heat = Infrared (IR) (300 GHz - 400 THz) The Same... THEN: Why Not HF/MF/VHF/UHF/SHF ?

    Hello Hams and Radio Enthusiasts, So, upon my ongoing research regarding Underground Buried Earth Antennas (UNDERGROUND BURIED EARTH ANTENNAS &, I have received many conflicting responses. But, as with so many...
  2. Sheepdog777


    Hello Ham and Radio Enthusiasts, This topic seems to have been a burr in the saddle of many radio professionals over the years. We use underground buried antennas in the military all the time. Depending on the mission, daily. In the Air Force we even have entire career fields which install...
  3. W

    New Member of this Forum April 30, 2010

    Hello everyone worldwide via this very sophisticated, user-friendly machine thingy called the world wide web /or/ internet.. I'm a new member of this forum and and have always enjoyed communications things. I am an INactive amateur as you can tell by my USERNAME ~ but in...