1. GraniteScanner

    Use of the UHF EAS Frequencies?

    There are two UHF transmitters for EAS here in the granite state, what purpose do these serve? We already have a few NOAA stations. 450.3875 B CSQ EAS Kearsrge Emergency Alert System - Mt. Kearsarge FM Emergency Ops 450.5875 B CSQ EAS Manchstr Emergency Alert System - Manchester FM...
  2. O

    Emergency Digital Information Service (EDIS)

    Does the California EDIS system still exist? If not, is there any replacement? Was the satellite part ever implemented? The current California Emergency Alert plan (edited 2017) refers to a digital alert system Wikipedia says it uses 37.0200 MHz and 37.3800 MHz and satellite, but the links...
  3. A

    Federal Signal Informer

    I am looking into purchasing a used Federal Signal Informer and I've found a programming cable pinout so I plan to build my own. The only problem I am having is finding a place that sells the programming software. Is this something that is no longer available or am I looking in the wrong...
  4. Chief45414

    Morris Co SO broadcasts "this is no drill" attack warning

    At about 11 AM on 9/28, an EAS alert was broadcast over the Morris County TX Sheriff's dispatch channel 154.875. The EAS alert, preceded by the EAS SAME tone bursts and warning tones, announced that 16 Chinese nuclear missiles were inbound and would impact within the next 15 minutes. The message...
  5. F

    S.a.m.e. header

    Is there a way for me to decode the AFSK S.A.M.E Headers with a program for ASCII decoding such as the ZCZC-WXR,Etc for manual reading. Thank you.
  6. L

    Contact Closure on BCD996XT

    Hello, does anyone out there know if the BCD996XT’s 9-pin connector supports a contact closure or GPI output? And if so what pins do I use. Need info in order to trigger a priory interrupt for an Emergency Alert System (EAS) Thanks, LANEWZ