1. Samg381

    Thales Liberty - Heavy Duty Headset

    I own several (discontinued) Thales Liberty radios. I am looking for an over-the-ear PTT headset. I have contacted Thales, who confirmed that their remaining stock of accessories is gone. Pictured above is the listing for the Thales model. I know for certain all Thales audio accessories were...
  2. B

    eBay coupons vs Uniden

    Couple it with today's eBay discount for $100 off: Today Only: 20% Off Everything!* Celebrate Dad and save with coupon code PICKDADSGIFT. Ends at 7pm PT. Min. $50 purchase. This Coupon is a 20% discount off a minimum purchase of $50, valid from 7:00 AM PT June 6, 2018 until 7:00 PM PT on...
  3. S

    Anecdotal Pro-668 Market Value Observations (ebay)

    I spent about 21 days stalking several saved searches and watch lists on eBay and I was looking for the GRE flavor, the Whistler flavor, and the RadioShack flavor. Ultimately the best value by about USD$100 was a RadioShack 668 probably new but had been opened. Total price at the end of the...
  4. S

    Selling my other Radio

    So I'm selling my tk-3180k on ebay if anyone is interested. 2 days left. I have a bill I have to pay immediately. thanks for looking.. Kenwood TK3180K 5W UHF 450 520Mhz 512CH 128ZONES Portable Transceiver Fleetsync | eBay
  5. A

    GP 340 on eBay

    I have recently been looking for an economical solution for my business communication and did a little searching on eBay. I came up with the GP 340 model from Hong Kong with a very affordable, and seemed like it would work for my needs and my pocket. Anyone have any input on the quality of the...