eden prairie

  1. fwfdengine2

    Eden Prairie Communications

    From the looks of the status on the Eden Prairie Police and Fire feed saying "THIS FEED IS DONE!" I think there is a great chance that it's not coming back online. Is there someone else that would be willing to host the feed? EP-FMAIN EP-FGND1 EP-FGND2 EP-FGND3 EP-FGND4 EP-PTRL1 Thank you...
  2. fwfdengine2

    Eden Prairie, MN Fire Department Feed

    Is anyone interested in hosting an Eden Prairie, MN Fire Department online scanner feed. I would like for this feed to be strictly EPFD. Containing dispatch and operations channels. I have the frequencies and TGID's if needed. My brother is an Eden Prairie Firefighter and my home scanners are...