1. kg4ojj

    MCLB Albany - 380 MHz Trunked Radio System

    I have been hunting for any proof of the MCLB Albany (okay, Albeennny) 380 MHz trunked radio system. It had been rumored to be 'in development' for a few years. Found it..... sort of. Control channel is 380.325 (P25 Phase I, NFM, NAC 00A (zero zero alpha) ) As I was driving through the...
  2. 9

    Question for anyone in Georgia

    Does anyone have any idea what brand/type system is in use on the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, GA? Many thanks, Steve
  3. M

    (NAS) Naval Air Station Fallon - ELMR Sites

    (NAS) Naval Air Station Fallon - ELMR Sites Unknown sites #'s Any more site information(Pro96com logs) would be great! TKS :D Search the 380-399.9-MHz frequencies range. ___________________________________ With the base transitioning to a new emergency radio system, exercising mutual aid...