1. crazy_19


    For a long while (more than six months) here I have been receiving tones on 243.0. Some days they are louder/strong than others. I Dont have the slightest clue as to there source if it was a ELT the battries would be long dead and as I can receive them on my desktop scanner as well as hand-held...
  2. Stavro35

    345.00 a.m stuck transmitter?

    Hi all Reporting from Bainbridge island Washington. A few days ago I found an odd continuous transmission on 345.000 a.m U.S.CG air ops frequency. I couldn't hear it at all on my portable radios. But with my base station Radio Shack Pro163 it was coming in loud an clear,with an indoor external...
  3. N

    EPIRB/ELT Beacon Signals

    Here's another question related to marine radio signals. Has anyone here monitored 121.5 or 243MHz analog and picked up any EPIRB or ELT signals? Do they generate an audible tone of some kind while transmitting? I understand that since February 2009, analog 121.5 and 243MHz has been...