1. marksroberson

    State of Alabama Game & Fish Division & EMA

    I acquired 4 Southern Linc radios. 2 of them have property tags from the Alabama Game & Fish Division, the other 2 radios have State of Alabama Property tags, judging by the Talk Groups in it, I believe they are EMA radios. Just wanted to give some info from them if it helps IF they switch from...
  2. marksroberson

    Jefferson County E.M.A. Sirens?

    The Jefferson County EMA has 2 Frequencies, and a talk group channel on the Jefferson County Public Services Trunking System. the 2 Frequencies are: KXK336: 154.025 (which also says something about Paging Rec. on the FCC database) WNHT860: 453.300 The question i have is which frequency do they...
  3. W

    Louisville Emergecy Management

    With all the crazy weather and crazy happenings lately, I have decided to create a dedicated EMA bank in my scanner. I have not went digital yet (I know... I know. Lol) so I'm struggeling to get frequiencies that actually work as most have already gone digital. So... I turn to the community...