1. ladn

    ‘Friendly’ EMP improves survival for electronics

    I came across this article from Sandia Labs while doing some non-related research. Since some previous posts touched on EMP, I thought this would be worth sharing. It's a quick, easy read, too, which isn't the norm from the majority of Sandia papers...
  2. beaker7

    Affordable radio for storage

    Hey y'all I have been doing some research on EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulses) and was looking at how to protect electronics from an EMP attack. I started wondering what Motorola radios would be good to stock pile for an emergency such as an EMP attack. I think I would prefer something with a...
  3. K

    10 Meter Simplex Group for, say, Grid Failure

    Any ideas about how to establish a MN group (perhaps more than MN) in case of local or national grid failure-- using 10 meters? Several ideas relating to why we would need to rehearse member communications: 1. Our antennas might not be compatible at relatively short distances. Example: dipole...
  4. C

    FRS/GMRS use after an EMP

    Hi all, First time poster on the site. I'm looking for specific information to protect my FRS/GMRS radios from an EMP or other natural occuring event that is similar. I have been building and testing several Faraday cages to block out the over powering RF/radiative signals caused by these...