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    Seeking to Employ Experienced Scanner Enthusiasts out of Northern California

    We are looking for individuals who are: • Detail-oriented and organized. • Self-directed and able to work alone. • Experienced with Northern California public safety dispatches such as Fire and EMT. • On a high speed internet connection. Duties will include: • Listening to recorded and...
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    Hiring Radio Techs in Amarillo

    I'm new to these boards, so if this isn't the proper place to post this please let me know. I am the R/T Communications Supervisor for the City of Amarillo. I will have two openings for Communications Technicians which I will need to fill soon. If you or someone you know is hunting or will...
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    Seeking to Employ Experienced Scanner Personnnel

    To interested individuals, In an effort to target California-based scanner enthusiasts, operators and dispatchers, this forum's moderation has allowed this offering of employment. Information and details as follows. Seeking experienced scanner dispatchers, operators, enthusiasts and...