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    AMT Peoria Frequency?

    What is Peoria IL AMT frequency? Like not 15580 but like 155.387? Thanks Sam
  2. A

    2006 Impalla Install

    I am sure this has been asked a thousand times but I figured someone would have a good idea, I have a 2006 impalla ltz and I am a new emt and need to install a scanner in the car, I have looked around at some of the console mount options but all of which are not possible because of the center...
  3. E

    Lynch Ambulance Frequencies??

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone has or knows how to get scanner frequencies for Lynch Ambulance in Anaheim, CA? Thanks
  4. Z

    Private Ambulance...

    Well i have a scanner , an audio cable , and a computer always connected to the internet , i do have some questions though, 1. I work for a private ambulance company, i want to brodcast my private channel to my blackberry, 2. if i set all this up will i have to hear the scanning on my...