1. qc

    Future Encryption of All EBRCS Law Enforcement Agencies

    Looking at March 5, 2021, EBRCSA Board of Directors Agenda Packet they plan on encrypting all Law Enforcement agencies in about 2 or 3 Years, I will attach a condensed version of the PDF and the entire Agenda Packet Board Of Directors Meetings | East Bay Regional Communications System Authority...
  2. E

    South Jersey Question

    Hi. First, excuse my ignorance...........Second, I used to be into scanning MANY years ago. My area, Atlantic County New Jersey (Atlantic County, New Jersey (NJ) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference) indicates they are now on a Project 25 Phase II system. I know I would need a...
  3. H

    Rolling Code Encryption

    Does anyone know anything about the Rolling Code Encryption modules that can be bought for the Vertex brand radios? The part number FVP-35 seems to be used to designate the add on board. Has anyone ever installed/used these add on boards? How does Rolling Code Encryption differ from Voice...