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    Beginner in Radio Scanning with AOR DV 10 Switzerland

    Hello everyone, I'm a beginner and need a short introduction to the radio scanner aor dv 10. I have read the instructions but I can't receive anything at the moment can someone give me brief instructions on how I can programming the Radio Scanner so that i can hear somethings? i live in...
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    English & French in use 32.3 MHz

    From home WSW of Denver and later in the mobile, caught some FM traffic on 32.3 MHz today. We have, to the South at about 60 miles, Fort Carson with its range. Further to the South and East (> 130 Miles) there is Pinion Canyon. This frequency is not one of the regular range frequencies in the...
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    Most Coveted Shortwave Broadcaster

    I'll start a new topic... What is the most coveted English (or any language Broadcast Station) that you always wanted to pick up, but never could before. I always wanted to pick up All India Radio and so far I have never received that station. What about everyone else?