1. melona380

    Lancaster Co, EOC Siren Freqs

    Hey all, Does anyone happen to know what freq the EOC uses in Lancaster county for civil defense siren activation? Any chance EOC has a POCSAG system also? PS. any cool simplex stuff out and about. Cheers KE0EWO
  2. Robbyboy

    Hurricane Earl

    With the potential for a an impact of Hurricane Earl, has anyone else caught anything while monitoring? Im getting my systems set up and was wondering if anyone else has heard anything. The NHC track continuously shifts to the west so it ought be interesting.
  3. W

    Louisville Emergecy Management

    With all the crazy weather and crazy happenings lately, I have decided to create a dedicated EMA bank in my scanner. I have not went digital yet (I know... I know. Lol) so I'm struggeling to get frequiencies that actually work as most have already gone digital. So... I turn to the community...