1. n1moy

    SDS100/SDS200: sds200, microSD, maintenance, tidy, ftp, Linux

    Recording is continuously enabled on my sds200. The microSD card will eventually overflow without directory management. One user in this forum described the radio locking up and displaying, "SD Card Full". Others have described the process of removing the microSD card from the radio and using a...
  2. sgnlsekr

    Listening with Android phone using Wi-Fi?

    If the SDS200 is connected to the LAN by ethernet, is there a way I could use my phone to listen with Wi-Fi while outside the house? Without streaming to Broadcastify or similar?
  3. vagrant

    Unusual / Interesting cable or wire installations

    Popping a hole in a wall, or passing a line through a window or doorway is typically not much to write home about. Some installations are a nightmare. Other installations went well due to some creative thinking. While I have destroyed fish tape on a pull, I have lucked out other times back in...
  4. W

    Westell Modem Startech Ethernet Install

    I just spent a LONG LONG TIME typing this post into your forum and it disappeared. SO, I am composing it first in my BLOG so that it will NOT disappear. I use Verizon DSL with a Westell 327W Router. I have one Dell Windows XP hard wired to the router, and second XP connected via WiFi with a...