1. K

    Newbie request for sub $500USD wideband listening equipment

    Hi all. A friend and I are looking into purchasing our first listening equipment. I'm in rural NE Missouri, he is near Quebec. We are both in our 60s and have similar desires: start a new retiree hobby, having the time now to enjoy one - have some money but not infinite - want to buy once...
  2. Andy3

    New Radio advice?

    Just joined and I'm looking for advice. My Sony 7600GR has bitten the dust (don't ask) and I'm looking for a similar type of portable, but better on AM (medium wave). The Sony was just about OK but MW reception of weak signals was spoilt by noise. This seems to be a problem with modern...
  3. N

    Eton FR600 Solarlink review

    Just picked up an Eton Solarlink FR600 emergency radio as an upgrade for my grab-n-go bag and am very pleased, so thought I'd share some thoughts, especially in regards to HF. It is a slightly different animal as compared to the earlier FR500 (which I don't have). I won't rehash every gizmo...
  4. jcop225

    broadcast shortwave mode

    I would like to know the mode in which Broadcast shortwave signals are transmitted in, beceause I have the Eton/Grundig mini 300PE( ). This is basic shortwave receiver but the "41meter" band fully encompasses the 40 meter amateur band...