1. ka9rxk

    For Sale: Icom F2721D UHF FM/P25 400-470 MHZ Pkg.

    The F2721D is a great radio for a ham because it not only offers you UHF FM operation, but also P25 Digital Operation. Included in this complete package are all of the following items in like new condition: Icom F2721D P25 Digital Ready 45 Watt UHF radio 400 – 470MHz (upgraded to the latest...
  2. ka9rxk

    Need IC-F1721D Service Manual

    Hello, I just bought an Icom IC-F1721D UHF mobile radio, and I would like to get a copy of the service manual. I have had no luck searching for it on GOOGLE. My email address is: dmascarella@ymail.com. Thanks for your help!