1. M

    Tower maximum height restriction

    Any one know where to find information for the limitations on tower heights near an airport? location is approximately 3.5 nautical miles from the airport, but it's in the instrument approach area and i am unable to find if there are limitations for towers constructed in the concerned area.
  2. Stavro35

    345.00 a.m stuck transmitter?

    Hi all Reporting from Bainbridge island Washington. A few days ago I found an odd continuous transmission on 345.000 a.m U.S.CG air ops frequency. I couldn't hear it at all on my portable radios. But with my base station Radio Shack Pro163 it was coming in loud an clear,with an indoor external...
  3. W

    Mystery FAA Site - Springtown, TX

    Forum Members ----- Someone out there knows !!! I discovered an FAA RCO (RCAG) type site 3 ~ 4 miles north of Springtown, Tx while cruising the countryside., Located at intersection of Texas FM 51 & Parker County Rd 4797. There are at least 4 different microwave paths converging there as...
  4. N2SCV

    September 11th ATC Radio Transmissions

    Some new stuff: A New Type of War « Rutgers Law Review Recordings start at: 4. AMERICAN 11 « Rutgers Law Review
  5. mfbenderjr

    CWA - Central Wisconsin Airport, Mosinee - FAA Freqs?

    The only Freq I can find for CWA is 453.925 there ground operations channel. Does anyone know what FAA feqs they use for tower, approach, departchure? Or any other revelant freqs? Thank you!
  6. poltergeisty

    Airline travel affected by disrupted communications

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) —Communications between an air traffic control center in Memphis and an unknown number of airplanes flying through its territory were disrupted on Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The outage began about 3:30 p.m. CDT when a car in Memphis struck a...