fail 01/82

  1. emcomm

    Astro Saber fail message (photo) is my radio DOA?

    Hi, One day while trying to program my Astro Saber the cable fell off while the new codeplug file was being written to the radio (it was not screwed on tight). Now the radio displays FAIL 01/82 AND it when I go to reprogram it the following appears (see image). My question is, can I fix this...
  2. B

    Mts2000 FAIL 01/82 H01KDF9PW1BN VHF Code plug

    I need a good code plug for a MTS2000 VHF Model H01KDF9PW1BN System Package H35, Flash Code:000001-000000-9. Read the codeplug changed it and wrote it back then got the dreaded FAIL 01/82 now nothing works. Ideas or suggestions?