1. JulietAlphaKilo

    Fairfax County PD Online Feed/Archives

    For the past 24 hours this feed has been offline. There has been a ton of action in my AO during this same time-frame, but go figure the feed archives aren't available because of the downed status. Does anybody know what's going on with it?
  2. RonBon

    Fairfax encryption

    Hello, Just curious if anyone knows who's encrypted on the Fairfax county p25 system. My scanner is picking up encryption warnings.
  3. L

    Fairfax County Police feed????

    Can someone please fill me in on what is happening with the Fairfax County Police feed? Currently all I am able to hear is just the Fire Dept. feed. Over the summer it was perfect as both the Police and the Fire dept. were avail on the same feed. It was nonstop action, crystal clear sound...
  4. O

    Fairfax Couny Fire Dispatch ??

    I have not heard anything from Fairfax County Fire Dispatch or Fairfax City Police Dispatch in the past week on either my Pro2096 or Pro96. I get all the other talk groups including all the County Police and mobile fire units but not these dispatch channels.. Any ideas or anyone else...
  5. F

    Uniden Bearcat BCT8

    I am looking for a scanner that I can use in my area. I live and work in Fairfax County, VA and we use and 800 mHz digital trunked sysrem. Below is the info that this site provides for my area. I have found some that are not going to break the bank and wanted to know if they will work. Any...
  6. F

    Question About purchasing a scanner

    I am in the market for a scanner however technology has come very far since I bought my first. When I lived in PA it was simple. All area fire/ems/police communicated on low band, VHF and UHF so a simple programable scanner was sufficient. I now live and work in Fairfax County, VA and...
  7. L

    Scanning in Fairfax Co.

    Just looking to confirm a couple of things: Anyone in Fairfax Co. on this forum...? I live in Fairfax Co., and am looking at scanners. I am interested in Fairfax Co. Public Safety and the talkgroups for FD, PD & Sheriff (to start). Looks like I can go with the Bearcat BCD396T. (I've only...