1. D

    scanner frequencies for Medina & Wayne County Fairs

    Medina County Fair Does anyone know what frequency and PL tone the Medina County Sheriff uses now at the fairgrounds? Many years ago I know they used 460.55 which was "channel 4" in their radios. The deputies could talk to other people working at the fair using that channel which was already...
  2. S

    Colorado State Fair Frequencies.

    I have been trying to find the Colorado State Fair radio frequencies. The CSF had abandoned their license a few years ago and I was searching the databases for State of Colorado for licensed frequencies in Pueblo, CO.So far there are no active licenses in the area on these channels. I even...
  3. MegaHertz315

    NY State Police @ NY State Fair, Syracuse

    Anyone heading to the New York State Fairgrounds this year, here is run down of the primary frequencies being used. NY State Police are using their rebanded 800 frequencies; as analog conventional repeaters. The M/A-Com Ericsson ProVoice digitial trunked radio system is not being used this...