fast lane

  1. PhillyPhoto

    BCD325P2: DMR/MotoTRBO mode not working

    There's a DMR Tier 3 system near me and I'm trying to setup my 325 to work with it. I have 3 systems configured now. The first is conventional only and it shows me the frequency and color code and will decode audio with no issues. The second is a DMR 1-frequency system. It shows me the...
  2. adcockfred

    DSD+ 1.114 Configuration

    Problem 1 when using FMP was: freq data files not found I corrected file path Now it is Hung up on: Loading Freq Files... Anybody else had this issue?
  3. Forts

    DSDPlus 1.101 Fast Lane Released

    FMP now supports Airspy! This should be quite slick... And of course I got the email nicely after I left for work, with my Airspy sitting on my desk at home. Sigh.... And yes, this is a FastLane release!
  4. RonnieUSA

    DSD+ Fast Lane

    Has anyone received any updates threw this option? Not asking anyone to share links, just if You are getting updates.