1. C

    Signal strength bar on SDS scanners?

    I searched but couldn't find an explanation of the signal strength bar. When I'm scanning a P25 county, I'll notice that the signal strenth meter (top right of the screen) will flash off/on even without traffic. I only have one frequency site in the Kerr System group that is active (and that's...
  2. matdvd

    SDS100/SDS200: Programming Specific Searches

    Total Newbie. Mid-50's. Highly intelligent, or so I thought. SDS100, couple of diff antennas. Newest version of ProScan. Want the ability to scan certain groups of frequencies at different times/moods, I suppose. Right now I have basically keyed my zip into the radio, and can scan all local...
  3. darthgarlic

    SDS200 How to use Favorites

    Ive read the manual, mostly page 38 (I dislike this manual) Ive read the easier to use manual. I called tech support and the supporter could not find how to use favorites in her manual. She referred me to one of Unidens Support videos which did not address the problem. Once you create a...
  4. airsquad9

    Sentinel Favorites Updates

    I've been using Sentinel for programming most of my newer Uniden products since it first came out but I just realized something. When I update the Master Database it doesn't update my Favorites lists with the new info. How do I update my Favorites without creating a new one? Seems like that...
  5. R

    Freescan Favorites

    Hello Everyone, My brother obtained a second hand BCT15X and is currently using Freescan. He wants to group the precincts to our police department together so he is able to them at once. How would he go about this using Freescan? Thank you one and all for the help.
  6. W

    Creating Favorites in MPSCS

    I just purchased a Home Patrol 1 and when I enter my Zip Code it finds over 600+ Channels. I only want to monitor Westland, Wayne, Garden City, and Inkster PD and Fire Dept. When I use sentinel and add these cities to my favorite list it looks like it ends up adding the entire MPSCS data base...
  7. V

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Is there a way?

    I just bought a BCD436HP and love it, especially the quality of decoding P25 in my area. A prior owner of A BCD396XT and a Home Patrol 1, thought there would be obvious similarities in programming as compared to the HP1, but I am having some troubles and am looking for answers/advice. First...
  8. B

    Create Favorite TG List on BCD396xt

    Hello to all. I recently purchased the 396xt and am loving it. For my local public safety trunking system here in Salt Lake City, I have programmed the county Fire/EMS and the local city PD's into their own quick groups. There are times however that I would like to have both an EMS response...