1. B

    Fayetteville issues, BCD436HP

    I tried to do a quick search but didnt seem to find exactly what I am experiencing. Have all the latest updates from Sentinel for the BCD436HP, I literally have a favorite just for Fayetteville, turn off all other lists to scan, and it shows Durham-Fayetteville Fayetteville Simulcast ID...
  2. B

    Lincoln County Sheriff / Fayetteville Police DMR

    Can or has anyone in the southern middle TN or North AL area been able to confirm the CC, TG, and TS for the Lincoln SO and Fayetteville PD DMR? I have no means to do so yet. Thanks!
  3. anonymouse

    Need Help Programming rebanded 800MHz Trunked System

    I am very new to scanners. I received my new BCD396XT handheld just 2 days ago. I have been reading up on it and I am becoming familiar with it. I live in an area where I can receive the following Trunked system: Fayette County GA Trunking System, Fayette County, Georgia - Scanner Frequencies...
  4. K

    news article: Fayetteville Eyes Radio System

    For those of you in northwest Arkansas, there is an article in today's Morning News detailing Fayetteville's plans to purchase a "Motorola Astro 23 LE digital wireless communication system." The article says the system will tie into AWIN and money/funds received so far must be used within three...