feature request

  1. I

    DB History

    Hello, looking to see if this is a feature I might have missed or maybe a request in the future to see the recent changes that have taken place in the Database. I know the current changes are highlighted green if its within 24 hours and yellow for the past week, I also know there is a history...
  2. fdnyfish


    Lets keep a running thread of feature requests to Uniden BCD436HP: Turn on backlight when you turn on the scanner so you can see information Sentinal: Record per Channel feature (Selective Record) Sentinal: Option to clear all QK for all favorite lists
  3. EricCottrell

    HP1 Extreme - Problem with P25 control channels during Limit Search

    Hello, The frequency not changing is the only indication when the HP1 stops on a P25 control channel during a limit search. The audio is muted since it is trying to decode P25 Audio. The HP1 appears to only display the NAC when there is actual audio. The lack of feedback on P25 control...
  4. E

    Scannercast Suggestion (Next Version?)

    I would like to have one of the two following features in the next version of ScannerCast.. 1) The ability to resize the window. or 2) Have the "diagnostic information" wrap and not go behind the "Suspend sending tags" button under the Advanced tab. Unfortunately, the diag info puts the P25...