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  1. Z

    City of Menominee Police

    Hello, I was wondering which channel the City of Menominee Police Department Broadcast on. Do they use the Delta & Menominee County Law, Fire and EMS; the Marinette, Menominee, Florence, Oconto, Dickinson, and Forest Counties Public Safety or do they use a frequency with no feed? Thanks!
  2. trooperdude

    Thinking of dropping my SFO Area CHP feed, replace w/ San Francisco PD

    Since there are two Bay Area CHP feeds, and SFPD is no longer available, I am seriously considering dropping my CHP feed in favor of replacing it with San Francisco PD. My site looks across the bay, so while it would be 20+ miles away, I have direct LOS to the transmitters. I have a spare 250D...
  3. I

    Access to my feed archive?

    Hi All, Please be gentle - this is my first post here. I have tried searching this forum, and using google, but I can't find how to access my feed archives. when i click on the link Feed Archives for: Northam Shire Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Network Then pick a time...