feed audio

  1. KE4ZNR

    New Years Eve Feed?

    I know folks in the past have offered an online feed of the behind the scenes media activity for the New Years Eve broadcast...anyone doing it this year? I don't see anything at Broadcastify yet but have seen feeds pop up last minute so decided to ask. Happy (and Safe) New Years to everyone...
  2. Blind_Shadow

    Anyway to balance the feed transmissions

    Is there any way to balance the scanner input to the feed so when the feed goes through and is sent out, the audio is equally or close to balance from each transmission? ie: dispatchers and cars from same department or same dispatchers for different departments
  3. C

    Scanner "hallway" sound issue

    I have been working relentlessly on providing a good quality feed. I purchased everything I need to make my 2 scanners broadcast in stereo feed. After hooking everything up, I found the feed sounded good, but was still broadcasting in mono. I had to go into the scanner cast settings and click...