feed provider

  1. parkerkowens

    Need info on becoming a feed provider with my BCT15X and some opinions on providing a better feed for my community

    Hello i need some information on what i need/need to do to be able to connect my BCT15X so i can become a feed broadcaster. i also need an opinion on something. Okay so there is currently someone else providing a feed for my area but there are quite a few audio issues and it seems they are not...
  2. C

    Applying to Provide Feed

    Hello all, I'm working on becoming a feed provider and have a quick question. I was reading over the terms and it is clear to me I cannot broadcast tac, transport, etc. What's the best way to guarentee this does not happen through Unitrunker? I could go through and lockout all the users or...
  3. T

    Feed Provider on Mac

    Is their any software for the Mac to provide a Live audio stream to RR? Thanks
  4. X

    Wanting to RAISE money to buy Digital Scanner for analog going dark

    Hello (first off If I'm not allowed to post about this manner please delete post. Also not sure where this post is supposed to go. ) I am a local scanner feed provider for the Warren Co. (in McMinnville, TN) Police, FIRE and EMS dispatch. I've been a provider since September of 2010. All has...