1. conrad314

    What is "Front End" on your scanner?

    Is front end static on a powerful signal? I just put up an Austin Ferret and now i have static on a few channels that my old radio shack Model: 20-176 antenna received fine. Any thoughts?
  2. conrad314

    Austin Ferret or the AOR SA7000

    I have narrowed my base antenna choices to the Austin ferret or the AOR SA7000. I listen to VHF low all the way up to UHF high. Which antenna should i go with?
  3. conrad314

    Austin Ferret/Spectra photos

    I have googled high and low and can not find any real life pictures of the Austin Ferret or Spectra antennas. Does anyone have a photo of either of these antennas? I would love a close up of the units and a photo of your mounted antenna. And if you have any thoughts or insights on your Austin...