1. Chibson

    DSD+ Fastlane Issue

    I have bought DSD+ Fastlane about 7 months ago and used it for a few weeks and forgot about it until, well today. I was scrolling through my email until I found the email containing my DSD+ Fastlane files. See, I went to the first email I got from them which told me to go to the next email they...
  2. W

    BCD996P2: Sharing files between Uniden scanners

    Once I get the info formatted that I'd like to scan, can I copy and share my favorite files, systems, departments, etc between my BCD996P2, My HP-2 and my BCD436HP so I don't always have to individually amend them? Any tips for minimizing the workload? I use BUTEL software for all three. Terry
  3. N

    Michigan FreeSCAN files

    I see other state forums have FreeScan files (996) for different locations in the states such as NY,CA and IN. Example in the forum "Uniden 396xt/996xt Starter Freescan Files NC" Are there any files available for Michigan? I just returned to scanning after ten years. I see a lot has changed...
  4. B

    Sharing files with ARC-XT

    I feel like a newbie again!! For a few years, I have strictly used and programmed RadioShack/GRE scanners, but I recently picked up a BC346XT, and I'm trying out ARC-XT for programming. While I was at work tonight, I was able to download plenty of data through the Radio Reference import...