fire dept.

  1. S

    Injured and ailing people wait as dispatch problems slow LAFD

    Los Angeles, CA - When the machine swallowed her hand, slicing off one finger and mangling the rest, Tania Wafer's co-workers tried frantically to stop the bleeding as a supervisor dialed 911. Read more: L.A. Times
  2. H

    orange county ny fire

    hi everyone i was wonder on fire fighters portables the freq for orange county ny fire grounds channels 1-10 are those the freqs all firefighters have on there portables?
  3. NFR85

    New Hanover County City Finder?

    I looked on RR fourm didnt see one if there was Im sorry i missed it. I've been searching for the following and not coming up with anything. If you could tell me what city i would be listening to that would be great. I'm listening to the feed from Proscan Client. is the ID. Thanks...
  4. M

    Closed and Skipped Fire Stations

    I was looking at the Sacramento County (CA) wiki page (Sacramento County (CA) - The RadioReference Wiki) and have some questions. First, why did stations 9, 52 and 107 close? I'm guessing budget cuts? Second, why are some stations numbers skipped (33-34, 39-40, 43-44, 47-49, 67, 69, 79-80, 82...