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  1. D

    Wake County Fire Departments Tone List

    Hi all, First time poster and amateur with all of this stuff here. I am looking for the tone-out list for the County Fire Departments, in Wake County, NC. Specifically, for Western Wake Fire Rescue. I am trying to get my personal pager programmed. I saw the earlier forum about this topic, and...
  2. E

    Fire pager Frequencies

    Hi there! I was wonder what the spring field fire department pager frequency is. That is Springfield Georgia in Effingham county.
  3. jerry092975

    Motorola Minitor 3 Engineering Data

    I have a Question: in the programming win PPS Software for the minitor 3 and 4 pagers is it possible to change the frequency range ? (example) freq range is> 151.995 to 158.995 mhZ is it ok to change it to 159.000 to 166.9999 mhZ With the Engineering Data login screen you can change the pagers...
  4. M

    Frequency Discrepancy in FTO Feature

    Greetings forum members, I was wondering if I could get your input on an issue I am having with my 396XT Uniden FTO feature. Please bear in mind that I am not too knowledgeable in the radio/electronics department, so forgive me in advance if my questions are too easy. I am currently using the...
  5. M

    Help with fire pager used in hospital setting

    This is my first post on RadioReference, so I apologize if I post this under the wrong section. I work in El Paso, Tx for the general hospital. In my hospital, we use the US Alert Nova pager to alert the Code Blue/Rapid Response teams of cardiac arrests or incoming traumas brought in by EMS...
  6. F

    Lee County fire tone outs

    I'm looking for a list of the station/fire pager tones in Lee County Florida. I haven't found much for this county, although I was able to find a complete list of tone outs for Collier County. Does anyone know of any resources for this information? Thanks!
  7. B

    Anyone know scituate fire department Potterville tones?

    Im looking for the potterville fire departments tones in Scituate any help is apprciated