fire paging

  1. Quik-Call03B74

    Inquiry for Motorola Quik-Call™ Selective Signaling Information (2+2 2-Tone Sequential Paging)

    Hello, I am 911 Telecommunicator/Radio Collector that has taken special interest in Motorola Quik-Call™ 2+2 (QC-I) paging. I own 3 Motorola Quik-Call™ Selective Signaling T1251-B units, as well as 2 Zetron Model 25 consoles, and a Midian Electronics PDE-1 Encoder which also encodes QC-I. I am...
  2. fwfdengine2

    Mille Lacs County

    Hi, I'm having some trouble understanding the Mille Lacs County frequency page.. There are three PL tones for the County Fire Dept. frequency, why? Also, there is the frequency with the three PL tones (154.415).. Then there is another frequency (154.070) labeled as "Fire Paging"... What...